Saturday, October 4, 2008

"We gather together to ask the Lord's blessing..."

"He chastens and hastens His will to be known."

This is not a sermon; it's a personal reminder on which you are invited to eavesdrop. I have been filled with happiness today. I think Elder Holland's talk is lingering longest. It was unexpected and beautiful. (Saturday) And feel free to skip ahead to day 2. It was a bit more entertaining at our house.

These are the highlights of my Conference experience today.
1. I love staying home with B. xoxox
2. L. was exceptional for...L. Puzzles, blocks, some climbing (on me), raisins.
3. Now THE highlights:

blue - RE-READ (bold.)
green - work to improve
red - answers to prayers (STOP! NOTICE.)
purple - personal insight/prompting/revelation
gold-Opening a new world to me AMAZING or takes my breath away AMAZING.

day 1

President Thomas S. Monson

A temple in Rome. Pray for opening of areas for the preaching of the gospel.

L. Tom Perry
A Simplified Lifestyle.
The spirit and body are the soul of man.
Word of Wisdom
Live within your income. Thrift, industry, economy, frugality.

Sylvia H. Allred
She and her sister raced to read the Book of Mormon.

Neil A. Anderson
"Faith is not only a feeling; it is a decision." (a confirmation of personal reflection)

Dallin H. Oaks
"We are seated before the meeting begins." HELLO, CARRIE!!

President Deiter F. Uchtdorf
"Hope is believing and expecting that our prayers will be answered."

Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin
Laugh. "The next time you want to groan, you might think to laugh." It makes the lives of others happier. "Put your trust in the Lord. Do your best. Then leave the rest to Him." (B.'s article, job search)

Jeffrey R. Holland

Angels. {Pray for angels to attend your loved ones and to attend you.} He will fight our battles, our children's battle's, our children's children's battles.

Elder Bednar

Prayer. Meaningful morning prayer is part of the spiritual creation of a new day. Morning and evening prayers are not individual instances, but should be linked together; a continued conversation. I felt like he was giving us a glimpse of a higher spiritual plane. It was conceptually new to me. Enlightening.

Heavenly Father lives and He hears and answers every earnest prayer.

day 2

Written in black for a reason. The reason is almost 4 years old and wasn't quite as cooperative as he was yesterday. He had to apologize multiple times today for various things, one of which was cutting the string holding the blinds together into the cutest little...SHREDS. (And I was sitting right there and didn't even notice. Classic.) Our conversation was as follows:

me: Do you think that was a good choice or a bad choice?

him: Bad choice.

me: When you were cutting, did you think Mommy would be happy or not happy?

him: (putting his hand out flat in front of him, head shaking left to right) But I did not think about that.

me: When Daddy sees this, do you think he will be happy or crazy-mad?

him: Crazy-mad.

postscript: He wasn't crazy-mad.

And so, I just don't remember as much of Conference from today.

But, Pres. Monson's was beautiful. The constancy of change. The little ones will grow up. Toys strewn all over the house. Piles of laundry. I cried because he said "piles of laundry" like he had actually seen piles of laundry.

At breakfast, Bubba talked about seaMOUSES. They live in the water and then when spring comes, they go to the forest to eat leaves. At dinner, he talked about pirates. On some pirate ships, there are good people. And the pirates say, "Well fellows, are you going to be pirates or walk the plank and go 'plash into the water?"

This is me immersed in motherhood.

P.S. And the baby fell off the couch today...this is you feeling like an awesome parent.

P.P.S. He's fine.


HeidiAnn said...

JRG, I so have the strong urge to call you by your name, but I won't. Anyway, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog. You're so very witty you know! Jonathan will be finished with school (so he says) in May. Yahoo! Hey, maybe we can all go live in VA then. I know exactly how you feel about the trees and the West Texans (see I'm combining my comments from multiple posts-I read them all-because I'm lazy) I fell asleep nursing Christian when he was, oh, 2 months old, in my bed. I woke up thinking, "Oh, no! Where's the baby?" and sat up really fast. Well, he was asleep on my chest and subsequently on his back on the floor. Thankfully, this was when we had our crappy bed which was really, really low to the floor, especially with, ya know, people on it. He cried for a minute or two, but was fine. Don't worry though, he's doing very well in school, and the doctor says that tick should go away in a few years (oh wait, that's my tick!). Anyway, so happy to get to catch up with you on your blog now!

sclewis said...

I loved Elder Holland's talk too. Thanks for being one of my angels in college and when we were living there.