Friday, September 4, 2009

Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn

Luke didn't finish his dinner the other night. He ate everything except his salad. I didn't make him finish it because he said he was full. But then he wanted a treat. Our conversation went like this:
C: I think you're too full for a treat.
L: No, I'm not.
C: If you're too full for lettuce, you're too full for a treat.
L: But only the lettuce parts of my stomach are full.
Yesterday I asked Luke to watch Pete and KEEP HIM SAFE while I took a quick shower. I put the baby gate up and got ready for the day. When I came out, both boys were at the kitchen table, heads bent over in concentration. On the table, there was a full cup of milk, with straw, and a 2-Liter bottle of raspberry soda.
Luke stood up with a sharp knife in his hand, and said, "I'm sorry I got this knife out."
Turns out, he had also retrieved a sharp pair of scissors. He wanted to mix the milk and raspberry drink together to see what it would taste like. He wasn't strong enough to unscrew the top, so he had gathered tools to do the job.

Pete still wacks people on the head and pulls hair and bites and yells and he also screams and pounds on the door of the dressing room when I won't let him out to go walk around Target by himself (making another baby in the dressing room cry.)
As we walked through Target yesterday, Pete was yelling (not crying, just yelling) and everytime Luke would get close enough, Pete would try to pull his hair. Luke was a pretty good sport. He just copied me and kept telling Petey, "You're dangerous."
The other thing we say to Pete is, "Stop hittin' your money-maker!" Because he hits himself in the head to be funny.

Oh yeah, he also has a fake cry that we love. He cries and half-smiles and then looks out of the side of his eyes to see if I'm watching and if it's working. It's not, but it's entertaining.

This is Luke at swim lessons this summer. He didn't want to jump off the diving board. I knelt down beside him and gave him a stirring peptalk. "I believe in you!" ("@%^&! I was eloquent!" Name that movie for a date with me.)

Anyway, I was eloquent and he was unmoved.

Then I said, "I'll buy you an ice cream cone if you jump off that diving board." He didn't even hesitate or have to think it over.

Me & Luke at the Silent Wings Museum.

Huck Finn--I mean--Pete. After black beans.

I am in love.


Spencer and Shreann said...

Your boys are darling! What adventures you are having. :) We miss you!

LINDSEY said...

I love your blog. Love in italics. Your boys are delightful. And your attitude about mothering is inspiring. I'm glad Luke didn't get too far into his knife/scissor/drink plan. I had to make a new rule for Haven a couple days ago, that she's not allowed to jump over Dane's head when he's laying on the ground. Awesome. And Yes, Pete looks like Huck Finn in that picture.

jamesrivergirl said...

Oh yes, Lindsey, my attitude's inspiring. Not really. I was just in a great mood when I posted this and could look back on the events and laugh. I WAS NOT LAUGHING IN THE MOMENT. (At least not about the knife episode.) But after the day had passed, I realized that I kind of like having two little renegades.

jamesrivergirl said...

And I think your rule about not jumping over Dane's head is very reasonable. :)

Hi Shree! We miss you too.

Katri said...

You've Got Mail is the movie.

jamesrivergirl said...

Her Treeness is Queen.
I wish we lived close enough for a date.

And, actually, I think I got it wrong. I think it's "I was eloquent. ****!" So, reversed from how I wrote it.