Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Style

My friend (and roommate), Katri, posted this link on her blog. She wrote:

It's a quiz at that defines your decorating style. I like it because it uses pictures instead of descriptions to help you decide what you like.

I say, "Ditto."

I loved it! My results: 33% Cottage Chic, 33 % Classic, and 34% Nantucket.

So, basically, undecided. That's appropriate.

Upon looking at all the photos in each category, I realized I'm in love (in love!) with Cottage Chic and Nantucket.

And you?

Above Cottage Chic Below, Nantucket.


Hurricane Hansens said...

love it

Durrett Family Band said...

I'm kinda addicted to taking the quiz over and over again. I may have to start going to meetings. I'm basically a mix of several things, too. Vintage Modern, French Eclectic, Rustic Chic or something.

Hurricane Hansens said...

HAHAHAH can't stop laughing...I took the quiz and it said something like-

umm this is interesting you have no style please take the quiz again. basically I disliked most, hated a couple, and thought a couple were okay.

I'm picky, the ones I thought were okay were just over decorated for me to like/love.

I say- I'm casual, functional, realistic, country! (not cowboy country)