Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hello, my name is Carrie and

I really want another baby. And I think God wants me to have another baby. Because (mostly) going without sugar and processed foods hasn't been nearly as hard as it has every other time I've tried...and failed. But, I really want a baby and something inside of me has shifted.

But tonight I'm jonesin.'

And it doesn't help that Luke made a great big sign that read "COOKIES." And then I had to help him creatively spell every cookie we could think of. He came up with Fruit Loop Cookies (bleck.) But I still have chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal cookies, and coconut cookies on my mind. Get thee behind me!!

At least the sign isn't completely readable:

Can you read it?

Unfortunately, I can, and I wanna CH CHP OTML cookie (or ten) RIGHT NOW!
But I won't have one. Because I'm on

DAY 16

and that is nothing short of a miracle.

But I do stare extra long at pictures like this.

Wow, that really is torture.

But I must remember the reason I'm trying to eat real, whole foods and no sugary desserts: I feel that I need to be healthier before getting pregnant again with the hope that the pregnancy and post-pregnancy will be better for it. And really, so my scale doesn't break if I get on it after a new baby is born. Oh yes, and that epiphany I had that I want to be healthy enough -- not so I'll be one of the skinny women in the room -- but so that I'll be able to serve my Maker with full purpose of heart, and not have as many moments when I care that I'm not one of the skinny women in the room. That's right, that's what I'm supposed to remember.

(But if you are embracing and not eschewing Sea Salt Caramel Brownies, then by all means...The above photo with an accompanying recipe was found at CuisineNie.)


Reluctant Nomad said...

Day 16! You're over the hump dear.

Durrett Family Band said...

I am amazed by your strength. The mere idea of giving up sugar right now would send me into a tailspin.

Dave & Chels said...

I am in the exact same boat! I am trying to get down to my smallest size so that I can get pregnant and not feel bad about the weight I will gain. It's a win-win. Or a lose-lose depending on how you look at it.
But I am not cutting out the sugar. I just try to go running. A lot.

Lindsey said...

You're my hero, Carrie. The longest I've ever made it is three days. Seriously. Way to go!! And I support the baby idea (like my opinion weighs ANYTING), mostly because you guys make super cute, super sweet babies. :)

Jana and Mario said...

You are awesome Carrie. Keep up the hard work. I also agree with Lindsey that you guys make cute, sweet babies and should have more!:)