Sunday, June 3, 2012

Driving Home From Church

I pulled over twice on the way home from church to break up fighting in the backseat. The first time, I made them say something nice about each other. 

Luke: Pete's smart.

Pete: Nu-uh, Luke's the one that's smart! (smaht)

Carrie: (sing-song voice) You're both smart. That's wonderful!

Pete: (impatiently) Nooooo, Luke's da one that's smahter. 

Carrie: (not in a sing-song voice) Okay, say something else nice about Pete, Luke.

Luke: (not smiling at all, bored) He's funny.

Carrie: He IS funny. Okay, Petey, Luke is smart, now say one more good thing about him.

Pete: He has really long hair. (He has weally lond hay-uh.)

Carrie: Great! Let's get going.

Four blocks later, we pulled over again. This time I just made them apologize.


Kate said...

I love it! You need to blog more often! I miss those boys and I miss you!

Lindsey said...

Oh my word...this is so timely. We did the EXACT same thing today. Elijah and Haven managed to pull out something kind about each other (although Haven's was word for word what Elijah had said about her...whatever), but when I asked Dane, "What's something you like about Eli?" He answered, "Nothin'." Nice. Thankfully Elijah started laughing about it! Thinking about you and your moving adventure...hope all is well!!