Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Great Pumpkin


Here are our pics from Halloween.
L.'s a construction worker, not Bob the Builder. P.'s the fattest little puppy you ever saw.

Things you might have overheard their dorky mom saying:

"Dat puppy needs to be put on a diet! Oh, it's a baby? Well, he's perfect then."


"Say, 'I Love This Old House!'" (He said it! hee hee.)

I know he needs a haircut. BUT ANYWAY, we love "the fixin' guys" at our house. (This Old House, PBS) And that vest was made by yours truly out of a paper grocery sack. Just call me Martha.

The dalmation costume was made by me too. I'm freakin' amazing. Just call me...Target...3 years ago. (Little P.'s costume inheriting has officially begun. Next year: tigger. The year after that: Luke Skywalker...oh, wait.)


Randolph-Seng`s said...

AH! i miss your boys!! Chad got his suit on HIS MISSION!! believe it or not! It was at a thrift shop in houston, but it worked perfect for the joker.

jamesrivergirl said...

To anyone else who reads this: My Brother-in-Law makes the best Joker! See her link above.
And...hi Steph! We've finally connected!