Saturday, January 24, 2009

It's hereditary.

He was kneeling beside the black folding chair, quietly coloring.

"L, you can't leave your markers strewn all over the carpet with the lids off."

"I'm an artist. Artists do that."

His very own real desk was less than a yard away. He put the lids on the markers...after he saw the ring of blue around the baby's mouth and smeared on the baby's cheeks and shirt and light-grey sweatpants. Osh-Kosh-B'Gosh!


Hurricane Hansens said...

L. you crack me up! That kid is going places

Reluctant Nomad said...

definitely hereditary. Bam Bam's going through a phase (it has lasted about a year) where he must wear lion whiskers on his face AT. ALL. TIMES. And he WILL take extreme measures to make sure he gets them.