Friday, January 30, 2009

Hark! I've added a playlist. And big news from the homefront.

It's down at the veeeeeeeeeery bottom of the page and it is so worth the scroll.

And watch this:

I love this music video for Her Morning Elegance, Oren Lavie. It's brilliant and you will not feel like you've wasted your three minutes. Promise.

And we have news: Li'l P. can crawl! And he will, if enticed properly with Mommy's glasses or dangling tubing from a nebulizer. His current long-distance record is about 6 feet. I don't think he's quite embraced his freedom yet, but the winds of change are blowing.


Randolph-Seng`s said...

thats awesome! its so much fun to see them develope into little men. By the way Owen is now playing with the cookie monster. Yesterday he open and shut that guy all day! By the way owen is starting to balance on his own. Its silly cuz he will let go of me, wiggle with his hands balancing and then jump on me laughing!!Hope everything is else good we miss you guys.

Durrett Family Band said...

Yay! I need to see him in action.

Lorraine said...

Hooray for P!! And that snow pic on my blog was from 2 years ago, when I don't think you were living near us yet. :)

Jonathon and Katie said...

Hello my other older sister. You and you're family are adorable.

Spencer and Shreann said...

congratulations little P! Watch out mommy. :)