Sunday, June 14, 2009

Car Travel

We went to Virginia on a trip for a few weeks. We drove. And Drove.

A 3-day drive there. I highly recommend DVD players. But eventually, even that gets old.

Poor little Pete. He tried multiple times to bust out of his car seat.

Ah, Coca-Cola Moment.

Check out this guy's cargo! A big semi-truck with a flatbed trailer carrying nothing but this little tonka dump truck. Seeing this was like a little gift to our family of mostly boys. Trucks are popular around our house. Trucks and Coke. Yep, that just about covers it.


ChadStephAndOwen said...

looks like you guys had fun but, maybe not so much in the car! That was one big load that truck was carrying Im glad you captured it! Hope to see you soon....

Days of Our Lives said...

You're supposed to tell me when you come out this way so I can drive up and see you!! We love Williamsburg!