Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Where the High Seas Will Take You

Yesterday Luke said, "I'm Spy-Boy. Pete's Spy-Baby. And you're Spy-Mom."

Today, he had a rolled up piece of paper in each pocket (treasure maps) and a cardboard telescope. "We're the pirate family. Pete's Baby Pirate, I'm Pirate Brudder, you're Pirate Mommy. And my Daddy's Pirate Dad. He's-he's-we're on a pirate ship and he's on another pirate ship workin'."

The conversation continued: "We're sailin' to..." long pause.
I start to fill in destinations: Bermuda? The Carolinas? The South Pacific?

"No, no, we're sailin' to Ok-ah-homah."


Keep scrolling down for pictures. I'll post more of our Virginia trip later.


LINDSEY said...

That Luke. I've told three people already about "I didn't look where we were going...but he did." LOVE it. Hip, hip, hooray for a healthy and loveable imagination! And have fun sailing to Oklahoma.

Chels said...

I didn't realize you could sail to Oklahoma. ;) That's super cute. I love the pictures of them at the beach. It looks like you all had a great time! We're glad your back in good ole' Lubbock though.