Thursday, December 3, 2009

I can't help myself.

In You've Got Mail, when Meg Ryan asks Greg Kinnear about his new-found love, "Isn't she a Republican?" He says, "Iiii can't help myself." (Iiii did that on purpose.)

And, speaking of Greg Kinnear, have you seen the movie Ghost Town? HAH! (I always second-guess myself when I share stuff like this, because what if you don't laugh as hard as I did? I wish I could just automatically assume that there's something wrong with your sense of humor and not mine, ya know? But in an effort to improve a healthy sense of self-acceptance, I saw Little Miss Sunshine on TV in the wee hours of the morning, also with Greg Kinnear, and I laughed until I was crying and then wheezing.) So anyway, Ricky Gervaise and Greg Kinnear are greaT! in this flick:

Okay, so anyway, Iiii can't help myself. I LOVE these Blue Diamond Lime 'n Chili almonds. If I never eat chips or crunchy cheetos again, I will survive. But these, well these are like oxygen. Expensive oxygen. I think I could even forgo cake if I had a never-ending supply of these in my fork-holding hand. I will never be the same again. And I know it's just not right. Forgo cake?! That's unnatural. Thankfully, I can have my cake and eat these too.

Just to show how fully-female my brain is:

2 songs this post brought to my recollection:

Cake, Short Skirt, Long Jacket

K's Choice, I'm Not an Addict

1 more

10,000 Fireflies -Hey, who sings this? (where he says something about being an insomniac. Do you know what time it is? Let's just say it's morning and my boys have been asleep for a loooong time.)

Hey! There's another one! (see label)


Hurricane Hansens said...

was looking for a show to watch, maybe i'll give this one a try. miss you! you always put a smile on my face

Durrett Family Band said...

I thought Ghost Town was pretty darn funny, too. I'm seriously going to have to keep an eye out for those almonds. My mouth is watering just reading about them.

P.S. I totally miss you. I need to plan a trip up to Lubbock to hang out.

Sonja said...

I LOVE "Short Skirt, Long Jacket!" It was one of my favorite songs in college. I haven't rocked out to it in a while...maybe I'll have to dig it out.

2:27am? Seriously, Carrie. Go to bed. :) Although, I'm not one to talk. I was up an hour and half later for the day. NOT on purpose.

Where are you?!? You haven't responded to my email about you mothering night. Spill!

And a life without cake? I don't think we can be friends anymore.