Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Sweet Life

So, I'm eating less sugary junk food. Again. Yes, I already fell off the wagon and I started two days ago. But I'm taking a big yoga breath, and being gentle with myself. Therefore I write, "less," not "none."

In conjunction with my sweet-consciousness, I'm writing at least one post about the sweetness of my life.

Tonight, I walked out of my bedroom and into the family room to find Luke watching "This Old House" and Brandon on his hands and knees with Pete slung over his shoulder. They were wrestling.

Tonight before bedtime I held Pete in the doorway of Luke's bedroom. He switched the light off, he switched the light on. Off. And on. Over and over again with a very contented smile on his face, which was upturned towards the light, and then dark...

Luke answered the phone today and said, "No." And then eventually hung up. I asked him who it was and he said, "Somefin' about the Texas Tech police, maybe?"

We are writing lists of things we're thankful for and then storing them in our "Thankful Box" to be read Christmas morning before presents. (I encourage you to STEAL THIS IDEA. I found it in the Ensign or Friend.) Anyway, Luke is thankful for many things, but last night he was thankful for all of his "aminals...especially my puppy and Baby Bear."

I am thankful for the women who have gone before me and made sacrifices that I sincerely hope never to make. But I hope my sacrifices will still be meaningful to myself and my God.

I am thankful for my Grandma Petersen and the time we had together in May. She knew me for 40 minutes to an hour on our last visit together in this earth life. I'm thankful for the freedom, and time, and peace and quiet of her home and for the radio she put in my room and the BubbleYum she left on my pillow.

But mostly, libraries.

Progress: When I "fell off the wagon," I did not eat a whole piece of carrot cake (yes, my favorite kind, a first-place slot sometimes tied with chocolate). Brandon brought it home just for me, but I shared it with him and Luke and I even left one bite for Pete. And he never would have known if I hadn't...


Sonja said...

You're a better woman than me.

Sonja said...

And I'm SO GLAD I got curious about the link off to the right that said "motherhood matters" and clicked on it. Hooray! Now I can--kind of--attend your motherhood nights! I LOVE the idea of blogging about it. And I LOVE the quote you put at the top! Kudos Carrie. I'm proud of you. You're doing something that's really important.

LINDSEY said...

Way to find so much wonderfulness in the everyday-ness of life. I love it. And also, here's a big computer hi-five to another fellow carrot cake lover! Our wedding cake was a carrot cake...oh, divine. And lastly, the song "10 Million Fireflies" is by Owl City.

Kara said...

Carrie, I invited you to my blog...did you get it? If you didn't, let me know (