Saturday, January 2, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Luke and his preschool buddies singing "Jingle Bells" at their Christmas Program.

Our Christmas Tree. Our first year with a star on top because I finally found one I like.

Christmas Eve, after the boys were in bed, after all the wrapping and stacking. I love this moment just before Brandon and the boys unwrap their gifts. And I care only a little if you judge me for rampant consumerism. (Thank you family for the bounty!)

In the wee hours of Christmas morning, Luke came downstairs. We surveyed the presents and full stockings together and then Luke went back to sleep. Here he is sleeping under the Christmas tree.

Later, Luke was still sleeping soundly under the tree when Pete woke up. Petey was giving Luke loves in this picture to wake him up. For Brandon and I, it was a magical moment.

I don't have a picture of my favorite part of our Christmas morning.
The night before, we had been out and both boys fell asleep in the car. So, in the morning, we all climbed into our bed and read the Christmas Nativity story from the New Testament.
Then we opened our Thankful Box and read our lists we had been keeping through the month.
I think we're going to postpone the Christmas story from now on.
It was lovely to read it to fresh-cheeked little boys.

Pajama-striped Petey and his stocking on Christmas morning:

Brandon and I made wooden blocks for the boys. Here is Luke with a creation.

Our front door. Back at the beginning of December, I wanted Brandon to put the lights up and he did.
At one o'clock in the morning.
I hope our neighbors didn't mind the hammering! (Or, wouldn't you love to live next door to us?!)

Our Thankful Box.

Merry Christmas.


Kara said...

When I saw your tree I thought, "that is so Carrie." It's lovely. And you MADE those blocks! Impressive!

Hurricane Hansens said...

cute tree, cute stockings- where did you find them?, love the thankful box idea, sweet pic of the boys under the tree, and you guys did those box? how do i begin?

Lorraine said...

The blocks turned out awesome!!! Play date? Please? :)

Durrett Family Band said...

What a busy, fun month! Your boys are so beautiful! We need to come up and visit soon so you can see our little Laura. Do you still have room for a couple of visitors?