Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Spirit...NOT

In line today at Walmart, I somewhat-yelled at Luke, "NO. We are not getting anything for you today!"

Another exemplary moment:
Luke and Brandon were arguing about something yesterday morning while getting ready to go do one of our Christmas traditions. I went out there and yelled, "I am tired of this! I am tired of dragging your butts to Christmas cheer!"

{Just this week I was telling Luke and Petey not to say butt. Or, in Petey's case, not to say bott.
"Honey, say bum instead."
Petey: "No, bott."}

Anyway, Luke and Brandon actually made up right away and were sweet and cheery while I simmered for a little while longer. (eyes rolling.)


Hurricane Hansens said...

Similar stories at our house. I think they'll remember the love.

Are you pregnant or stressed?

at our house it's "don't say crap." or in Sam cause, "oh, tap"

jamesrivergirl said...

I wish I had a good excuse. I don't.

Once, when Luke said "crap," I felt like too much of a hypocrite to tell him not to say it, so I said this instead, "Just don't say it in front of any of your friends' mothers, okay?"

Durrett Family Band said...

I can just hear Pete saying "bott" in his cute, little voice. I wish I could see your house all decked out for Christmas. I remember your decorations looking magical. Merry Christmas.